Also city walls can tell stories, thanks to graffiti.

Born in USA, in the years ’60-’70, they spread worldwide, conquering the sphere of the youngest that were attracted by their characteristic: the irriverence and fight as a form of dissent.

At the beginning they were simple tags of rival gangs but little by little they have taken the route of the political fight. Then, from being a rebel action, these tags became a real form of art, called “Writing” that has taken different forms and styles in the different places in which they spread, included Italy that in the last years has beung to appreciate it by promoting initiatives. Writers’ instruments are walls, spraycans of different colors with which they create colored and wonderful wordls, paints and above all their imagination. One of the first term linked to the world of graffiti was “aerosol art” considering the use of spraycans with an airbrush output similar to the conventional one.

There are a lot of famous artists that have been able to find a place the world of art by using graffiti as a form of expression of their creativity: Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat and Bansky, considered the master of the street art. Urban spaces are his canvas but he is also famous for raiding in museums.

Recently, he has created an outcry with “The girl with the balloon” artwork, evaluated 1,2 million, that self-destructed during Sotheby’s auction after having been bought. The artwork has been renamed “Love is in the bin”.