Ceramic Anti-Spatter for Welding

This special formula forms a resistant anti-adhesive nano-ceramic based shield. The strong consistency forms a resistant shield preventing spatter from adhering to metal surfaces. It provides extended period of welding time without cleaning of equipment. It has excellent releasing action and can withstand temperatures up to 2730°F. Great for High Temperature applications. It has good thermal conductivity and is thermal shock-resistant. The product can be dispensed directly onto the welding torch. Protects jigs, fixtures, nozzles, tips, cabling, metal components.

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Ceramic anti-spatter for welding is a anti-adhesive nano-ceramic based shield. It has a strong consistency, which forms a resistant shield that can attach to any metal surface. Also it has excellent releasing action. That can withstand temperatures up to 1500°C/2732°F. It has good thermal conductivity and is thermic shock-resistant. It is suitable for temperatures above 800°C/1472°F. The product can be dispensed directly onto the welding torch.

ANTI CORROSIVE: The film in the ceramic anti-spatter for welding is also able to prevent corrosion. Welds can experience all types of corrosions such as:  galvanic, stress corrosion, hydrogen cracking, intergranular and pitting corrosion. Use Ambro-sol USA’s Anti-spatter spray for your welding needs!

ANTI OXIDATION: The film in Ambro-sol Anti-spatter spray is also able to prevent oxidation. Oxidation can occur as the metal is heated during the welding process in the oxide layer. As the layer sits and reaches a certain temperature, the layer will crack and the negative effects of oxidation takes place.

FREE OF SILICON: Our Anti-spatter spray for welding is FREE of silicon substances. Use Ambro-sol USA’s Anti-spatter for your welding needs!


Types Of Welding

Suitable For Anti-Spatter Spray

Autogenous Welding

This is the process of fusion welding in which the filler material is either supplied by melting the base material or is of identical composition.

Electric Welding

Electric welding is the process of welding pieces together, with the use of electric current.

Inert-Gas Welding (MIG Welding)

MIG Welding is a type of weld that is made with the use of a consumable electrode that is fed into an inert gas shield which pools to form a weld.

Ambro-sol USA has many products that can support welders in their line of work. From Anti-spatter, zinc spray and many more!

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