Copper Grease

A product designed for high temperature use only. Heat resistant up to 1830°F. Protective, lubricating, high adhesive capacity, and anti-corrosion inhibitors make it ideal for all cases where heat, heavy loads, or highly corrosive environments can create irreversible blocks. Great for bolts, nuts, studs, rings, pins, motor, exhausts, injection valves to help prevent seizing.

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Construction, Industrial, Agriculture, Hardware, Automotive

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Copper Grease Lubricant is made of super fine foliated copper particles and special corrosion inhibitors. It has protective and lubricating properties at high temperatures. High temperature resistance to 1000 °C/1832°F. High adhesive capacity and anti-corrosion capacity make it ideal for all cases where heat or a highly corrosive environment can create irreversible blocks: slip, ring, pins, motor, exhausts, electrical, contacts, threaded connections, injection valves, etc.


  • Shake and spray directly on the parts to be treated.

Before using

  • stock the copper grease lubricant in a dry location above 32°F degrees and below 113°F. After use, keep containers closed.
  • After the first use: Store in a fresh and dry location, away from hot conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

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