XT-10 – Single

XT-10 Multifunctions with a 360° dispensing valve. A Multi-Purpose Lubricant with 10 powerful functions: lubricating, unlocking, penetrating, protective, extreme pressure resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-seizing, water repellent, rust protection. Created with active ingredients of the highest quality, it has an ultra-lubricating, ultra-penetrating power. Perfectly suited for the workshop, at home, in the garden, in the nautical industry, industrial, sporting goods or anywhere there is a mechanism that requires maintenance.

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Construction, Electrical, Industrial, Sporting Goods, Agriculture, Hardware, Home, Marine, Office, Plumbing, Automotive

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UNLOCKING: One of the best Ambro-Sol products, is the XT-10. Which is a  powerful  multipurpose lubricant spray with a strong unlocking power! Never be without XT-10, at home or in the shop.

PROTECTIVE: This product protects surfaces and materials from atmospheric agents, bad weather, dust and rust: thanks to XT-10 that won’t be a problem. This multipurpose lubricant spray has a strong protective power, and it’s ideal for all surfaces and situations.

LUBRICANT: This multipurpose lubricant spray has strong lubrication power, and it’s ideal for maintenance and lubrication of all surfaces and for all types of uses, at home and at work. A can’t miss product to always have on hand.

PENETRATE: With XT-10 you have the guarantee of a strong penetrating spray. XT-10 spray acts on all types of surfaces, and it resolves the problem at the core.

EXTREME PRESSURE RESISTANT: Functional for everyday use. Strong enough for the toughest situations.

HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: XT-10 doesn’t fear rivals. This amazing multipurpose lubricant spray has a great advantage, it resists hot temperature applications, and for that it’s perfect to be used in welding, mechanical, electrical, and industry settings.

ANTI CORROSIVE: Are your materials under a corrosion process? Ambro-Sol has the solution for you! The XT-10 spray has a strong anti-corrosive power. Try it!!

WATER-REPELLENT: This product can repel water! XT-10 protects surfaces from water and from atmospheric conditions.

ANTI-SEIZE: XT-10 has a strong anti-seize power, and it’s ideal for all type of materials: It penetrates and unblocks quickly and efficiently. XT-10 is ideal for professional use and great for everyday use at home.

RUST PROTECTION: Rust is the enemy of everyone. But with XT-10 the fight is simple and easy. This amazing multipurpose spray has a strong solvent power, dissolving rust but also other materials such as silicone, glue, adhesives, and paints…. Give XT-10 a try!

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