Variety Pack 5: Automotive Variety Pack

These top-quality products are designed to meet the needs of the
automotive and motorcycle industry (racing included). Clean and maintain your
vehicle while keeping it running smoothly and efficiently.

The Automotive Variety Pack includes:

2 cans of Carburetor Cleaner
A cleaner specifically designed for use on the inside and outside of the carburetor. It can also be used to degrease various mechanical automotive components. A general purpose cleaner for non-painted surfaces which cleans dirt and grime deposits.

2 cans of Lithium Grease
A high quality grease that has a wide spectrum of uses and good chemical stability. Great for metal on metal lubrication. Water-repellent and resistant to salty or dirty environmental conditions. Ideal for lubricating bearings, bushings, hubs, kingpins, guide rails, chains, cables and for general all-around use in the home, motor vehicles, agriculture and industrial machinery.

1 can of XT:10
A Multi-Purpose Lubricant with 10 powerful functions: lubricating, unlocking, penetrating, protective, extreme pressure resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-seizing, water repellent, rust protection.Perfectly suited for the workshop, at home, in the garden, in the nautical industry, industrial, sporting goods or anywhere there is a mechanism that requires maintenance.

1 can of Unblock Penetrating Spray
A penetrating synthetic fluid with a high solvent and releasing power. When your project gets stuck-bolts, joints, threads, hinges any mechanical parts-Unblock Penetrating Spray releases them from rust and oxidation. It also leaves a long-lasting water repellent protective film.

Ambro-Sol lubricants are a collection of products that can meet the needs of many different industries such as automotive, industrial, ground moving/heavy equipment, agricultural, nautical, food, sporting goods, and everyday DIY jobs found at home.

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