Zinc Spray Variety Pack

One of the most diverse and complete collections of cold galvanizers available on the market. Consisting of zinc powder with high molecular weight and an acrylic resin base, these sprays form a compact and resistant barrier preventing metal from contact with weathering and rust. Our range of products offer different finish options that can be used as a final finish or as a primer to be painted.

The Zinc Spray Variety Pack includes:

2 cans Light Zinc Spray
A cold galvanizer with high molecular weight. It chemically solidifies, producing a long-lasting metal coating, protecting all metal surfaces from rust and oxidation. The final resistant layer leaves a light gray metallic finish.

2 cans Bright Zinc Spray
The final resistant layer of this spray leaves a bright gray metallic finish.

2 cans Dark Zinc Spray
The final resistant layer of this spray leaves a dark gray metallic finish.

Ambro-Sol lubricants are a collection of products that can meet the needs of many different industries such as automotive, industrial, ground moving/heavy equipment, agricultural, nautical, food, sporting goods, and everyday DIY jobs found at home.

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Construction, Industrial, Agriculture, Hardware, Welding

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