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Lubricant Essentials Variety Pack

The Lubricant Essentials Variety Pack includes:

2 cans of XT-10
A Multi-Purpose Lubricant with 10 powerful functions: lubricating, unlocking, penetrating, protective, extreme pressure resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-seizing, water repellent, rust protection.Perfectly suited for the workshop, at home, in the garden, in the nautical industry, industrial, sporting goods or anywhere there is a mechanism that requires maintenance.

2 cans of White Lithium Grease
Grease containing lithium and titanium oxides with excellent long-term lubrication. Performs in the presence of saltwater and other harsh environments, providing long-term stability and resistance to oxidation. It protects surfaces from corrosive agents and it’s perfectly suitable for both high temperature(428°F) and low temperature(- 40°F) exposure. Excellent for lubricating pins, joints, transmissions, levers, suspensions, hinges and exposed machine parts on outboard motors and boats. A multi-purpose lubricant suitable for the home, industry, and nautical applications.

2 cans of Unblock Penetrating Spray
A penetrating synthetic fluid with a high solvent and releasing power. When your project gets stuck-bolts, joints, threads, hinges any mechanical parts-Unblock Penetrating Spray releases them from rust and oxidation. It also leaves a long-lasting water repellent protective film.

Ambro-Sol lubricants are a collection of products that can meet the needs of many different industries such as automotive, industrial, ground moving/heavy equipment, agricultural, nautical, food, sporting goods, and everyday DIY jobs found at home.

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